What You Need To Know About Pandemics

Written by Madeline Sharpe

October 21, 2014

What You Need To Know About Pandemics

This wonderful infographic was sent to us by our friends at Nursing School Hub. It provides a terrific overview of pandemics and we especially like the history section.

Pandemics are infectious diseases that are spreading through human populations across a large area, usually multiple countries. Exactly when a pandemic becomes less of a pandemic and more entrenched or stabilized in a population is not completely defined. For example, some might not call tuberculosis a pandemic anymore because it is so ubiquitous around the world, but outbreaks of multiple, drug-resistant strains continue.

Either way, the infographic below highlights some of the top pandemic contenders, past and present, but let’s not forget about HIV and malaria! There are over 35 million people living with HIV and it is responsible for over 1 million deaths per year. Each year, malaria infects between 200 and 300 million people and drug resistance is quickly becoming a problem. Malaria is responsible for over 600,000 deaths a year.

The infographic below is well thought out and highlights the importance of monitoring infectious diseases around the world!

International Pandemics

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