Map of Past and Planned Protests for Brazil World Cup

After four years of anticipation, the 2014 World Cup has finally kicked off in Brazil! To no one’s surprise, the activity in Brazil has extended well beyond FIFA’s sanctioned festivities. Protesters in São Paulo kicked off the month-long tournament with an attempted blockade of a road that leads into the stadium where the opening match was played. Further protests are planned throughout Brazil over the remainder of the tournament.

Sitata has compiled an up-to-date map of past, present and planned protests to help travellers plan around and avoid these troublesome interruptions. We will continue to monitor the situation and update the map as the protest schedule changes, so check back regularly and plan to avoid affected areas. Although protests are exciting, they are unpredictable and dangerous. Regardless of your beliefs and political inclinations, you should avoid the protests in Brazil as they have been known to quickly escalate and turn violent.

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