How to Stay Safe During Brazil World Cup 2014

Written by Adam

June 12, 2014

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How to Stay Safe During Brazil World Cup 2014

With the Seleção’s (Brasileira) tense victory over Croatia in the books, the 20th World Cup is now officially in full gear. The commencement of actual football has also provided much-needed relief from sometimes over-the-top media coverage of protests and demonstrations. For visitors and participants, international coverage creates needless worry.

As pioneering experts in travel health and safety, we (Sitata) prepared an infographic that provides some practical tips and advice for visitors to Brazil to ensure their World Cup trips are incident and worry-free. The key thing to note is that the vast majority of visitors to Brazil will not experience anything worse than a long lineup to pick up their tickets and an exuberant crowd living in the moment.

However, Brazil can present a challenging environment for tourists, with a number of health and safety risks to consider. As our infographic guide states, the three main things travellers should be aware of during their stay in Brazil are dengue fever, protests and petty crimes.

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Travellers to Brazil, Read This!

Sitata uses advanced software algorithms to search the world for important travel events such as disease outbreaks or protests. If you would like FREE, real-time travel alerts about events occurring throughout Brazil, be sure to register your trip with us! Seriously, check it out. We’re usually much faster than your government.

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