Last Minute Tips for Attending the World Cup in Brazil

Written by Madeline Sharpe

June 9, 2014

Last Minute Tips for Attending the World Cup in Brazil

Here are some last minute tips to help you enjoy the World Cup.

Tickets — Your tickets to the games must be in the ticket-holder’s name or you will be refused entry. Purchase your tickets only through FIFA. Re-selling tickets is illegal.

Health — Visit your travel clinic before you depart. Yellow fever is present in parts of Brazil, and possibly you may need a yellow fever vaccination certificate when you return home if your country requires this of travellers returning from a country where yellow fever is present. Malaria and dengue fever are also present in Brazil. All three of these diseases are transmitted by mosquitoes, so make sure you use your insect repellent.

Crime — In Brazil, there is a high level of serious crime. Do not resist if you are robbed. Keep valuables secured and out of sight to avoid being a target for theft. Safeguard your important documents, such as your passport.

Protests and Demonstrations — Protests have occurred recently against the government’s expenditures for the World Cup. More protests are expected during the matches. Some of these protests have turned violent. Always avoid demonstrations since even peaceful gatherings can become confrontational and violent. Strikes have also occurred in Brazil and can disrupt transportation and other services. At the time of this writing, there is a strike by metro workers in the city of São Paulo, and there are massive traffic problems. Anticipate traffic problems and delays. Plan your transportation accordingly and follow the advice of police and World Cup security officials.

Getting to the Stadium — You may need to walk some distance from your drop-off point to the stadium. WEar comfortable shoes and allow time for up to a five kilometer walk. Also allow time for a security search before entering the stadium. No one can bring food or drink into the stadium, and any intoxicated person will be denied entry to the game.

Emergency Services — If you need emergency service, dial the numbers below. However, operators may speak only Portuguese, and you may not be able to get services in your language.

Police: 190

Ambulance: Dial 192

Fire and accident emergency: Dial 193

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